Not dead just busy as hell -_=

Sorry for neglecting my blogs for so long, but I hit a serious depression spike -_= I couldn’t even lift a pen let alone draw anything and i just felt worse when all these wonderful ideas pop up on tumblr and i can’t really participate ._. So I retreated for a long bit, and now (or about a week ago) that i’ve Finally came out of my funk, i still have past due commissions to finish which are draining my life force pretty damn dry -_=

So I’m just pawin to say that I’m still alive and not giving up on my blogs, but that I’m just a bit over whelmed. So I need to focus on getting my back log done or else I’ll just sink right back into being depressed, and i really can’t afford to do that again >.<

it’s a safe bet that I will probably be quiet until September. That should be enough time for me to get my work done and finally be free from my commission shackles -_= Then I can replace them with spotted furry cuffs instead <3 eh hem, the DW sutra thingie is still on but I’ll prob wait till September to begin. Also I’ll finish up the old asks in my box then too.

So thanks for being patient with a cat and sorry for disappearing like a rabbit ._. Just needed to recharge mah self >.<


Today, I found a kitten sized chair and, luckily, I had a kitten to put in it. 



REBLOG for a cute cat like this one:


based off of your blog! ends august 6th at 8:00pm eastern time!!!


I did this a couple nights ago. Just didn’t upload it until now. I drew a thing. First thing I’ve drawn in weeks yay.


I did this a couple nights ago. Just didn’t upload it until now. I drew a thing. First thing I’ve drawn in weeks yay.

DW Kama Sutra List


Mesh the drunk - Ok I have a list here of every one that was interested: - William Carter - charlie - Winona - princess wilson - autumn white - bat wilson - wolodymyr - ? - mr. insanity - gabby - NT - victor - ? - Wisia - walker - whitney - ? - willianne - woof - wuo

If you aren’t on the list and I missed you, you can either comment here or send mail to this blog or my main blog.

After my cat nap <3 i will go through and gather every one’s references. if you want thou you can send a reference to my box before i contact you.

And again if you were missed comment or lemmie know!

random —>?

my lovely oc mesh the drunk.

my lovely oc mesh the drunk.

Scary Maxwell panther is scary&#160;; ;


Scary Maxwell panther is scary ; ;

le stream~

Have lots of work to do still but i don’t wanna start givin’ up my Saturday streamin’ do it >/ So mew! come on in and bug a cat if your bored~ pawin at DS stuff as usual. We’ll say it’s NSFW just to be safe even thou last stream was pretty tame~

~le stream~

((pssst did you know, that the ask-wx-78 ask box is starving, and every day is a struggle, but for just one ask , you can help make a difference in that little digital envelope’s life))


((its true O^O))

really? i fuggin luv this ask blog >.<


actually meshpet irl

X3 mew~ this is how us cats roll~